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My journey so far

My professional background is varied and I started working life in retail. During my late 20s, I moved into the education sector working in primary and secondary schools, where I discovered I connected most to my true self when supporting young people in an equal relationship rather than the ‘teacher/pupil’ relationship. This is where I started my counselling journey. The moment I started counselling training in the evenings, I knew this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my working life.

I hold a deep passion for learning and furthering my professional development in the field of psychotherapy, believing it is never too late to sign up for more studying and training!

I love all animals and the outdoors, so I volunteer when I can, at a local equine therapy centre, helping to look after the horses and assisting in running therapeutic workshops for professionals as respite.

In my spare time, I enjoy abstract painting, playing and listening to music, writing, singing and dancing in the kitchen, and walking

Find out everything you need to know


Tailored approach

I draw upon different theories to ensure a tailored approach for you, as everyone is unique. This approach allows us to look at you as a whole person, mind, body, feelings and soul to come together and connect in harmony. I offer ‘talking therapy’ and this allows you to discuss your problems and any difficult feelings you encounter in a safe, confidential environment.

Find inner strength

Humanistic integrative counsellors believe in their client’s ability to find inner strength and take a sense of ownership over their lives. I believe you hold the capacity to fulfil your talents whilst developing self-compassion. I will work with you to realise these potentials and make sense of your past experiences.

Grow With Green Sky

I will take into consideration how your external world affects you and together actively engage in the process of assessing your problems or issues, work out what will happen in therapy and review the outcomes and your growth as we go.



I will help you to realise what resources and support are available to you that we can use to work through your issues, build your self-confidence and appreciate that you always have options. I will treat you as the expert on yourself, as no one else knows exactly what it’s like to be you.

I hope to help you to discover your own abilities and autonomy, so that you can cope with current and future problems, moving forward.

Why attend counselling

People attend counselling for many reasons
and some of the reasons are listed below:

You have distressing thoughts and feelings
You or someone you know may want to attend counselling to manage distressing thoughts and feelings and are now wanting to change unhealthy coping mechanisms you have to help manage these.
You have difficulties from past or present experiences
You may be looking to tackle difficulties that are encroaching in your day-to-day life from past or present experiences and seeking focus, looking to improve your general wellbeing.
You have Experienced significant change
Maybe you are at a point of significant change, crisis or experiencing loss in the many forms that loss comes in.
You are Experiencing relationship troubles
Perhaps you or someone you know are experiencing conflict, challenges, or communication difficulties in relationships with others. Some of these relationships can be within the family, personal, professional or relationships within a school.

Find out everything you need to know

Below are just some of the many difficulties I can help with


Everything I have achieved to date:

I have experience in supporting adults as a counsellor with a variety of presenting issues and changes they wish to make. I have worked with adults on a 1:1 basis and in group equine therapy.

I have over twelve years of experience working and supporting children and young people aged between 4 -19 years. I have worked in primary and secondary schools as a counsellor and have four years of experience specialising in children and young people’s safeguarding, working alongside other local charities and agencies to ensure young people can access services available to them.

  • Postgraduate Level 7 Certificate in Therapeutic Play
  • Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling
  • Essential Elements of Counselling Young People
  • Bachelor’s (Honours) in Arts and Humanities (Creative Writing and Music)
  • University Module in Understanding Children and Young People
  • Certificate in Online and Telephone Counselling
  • Certificate in Counselling Studies
  • Certificate in Counselling Skills
  • Working Creatively with Bereaved Children (Mosaic)


require the full list? please contact me

Continuing Professional Development (or CPD) allows me, as a professional, to maintain, develop and enhance my professional competency. CPD is an ethical imperative of most professional bodies, including the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and Play Therapy UK (PTUK) both of which I am a member of and happily meet their requirements.
  • Attachment Theory in Practice
  • Raising Awareness of LGBTQ+
  • Gender Variant Children and Trans Adolescents
  • Gambling and Gaming Awareness Education Programme
  • Online Safety
  • Mental Wellbeing in Children and Young People
  • Exploring Anxiety
  • Adverse Childhood Experiences and Early Trauma
  • Working with Trauma
  • Working with Shame
  • What no one tells you about grief healing